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As the highest part of any building, the roof protects you, your home, and the interior against the elements. Even though it’s a tremendous responsibility, most roofs last several decades. But when it’s time for roof repair or a new roof installation, it’s critical to do so without delay. Failure to properly replace your roof can cause exponentially more expensive damage to the structure of your home and all of your belongings. 

That’s why MOcean Contracting makes roofing replacement easy. 

We are the premier roofing contractor for Bald Head Island, Oak Island, Caswell Beach, Southport, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle, and Sunset Beach. Customers from Brunswick County consistently turn to the experts at MOcean Contracting. 

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Approved and Certified FORTIFIED™ Roofing Contractor

At MOcean Contracting, we are the leading approved and certified FORTIFIED™ roofing contractor for Brunswick County. As such, we are proud to have successfully performed more than 500 FORTIFIED installations. We only use the best and most reliable materials, including:

What Is a FORTIFIED™ Roof?

A FORTIFIED Roof is a system installed to withstand the severe weather often experienced by North Carolinians. Based on years of research, FORTIFIED Roofs are built to best protect against damage that typically occurs during severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, hailstorms, and tornadoes. Key features of a FORTIFIED Roof include: 

Why Choose a FORTIFIED™ Roof in North Carolina?

When you choose to go with a FORTIFIED Roof from MOcean Contracting, you will enjoy a better roof, greater peace of mind, and more:

Receive Up to $8,000 in Grant Proceeds for a New FORTIFIED™ Roof

At MOcean Contracting, we are one of the few licensed and approved FORTIFIED™ Roof installers in Brunswick County. When you choose to have a FORTIFIED™ Roof installed by us, you may be eligible for up to $8,000 through the Strengthen Your Roof program. The North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA) offers this grant to eligible policyholders in beach communities to protect properties against hurricanes, including:

Mocean Contracting in North Carolina - Roofing, siding and panneling services

Save Money on Your Insurance with FORTIFIED™ Roofs

When you choose to go with a FORTIFIED™ Roof from MOcean Contracting, you will enjoy a better roof, greater peace of mind, and more:

Speak to your MOcean Contracting roofing professional about which level of protection is best for your needs. 

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If your home needs a new roof, time is of the essence. Every second you delay or postpone your new roof places you, your family, and your belongings in peril. That’s why MOcean Contracting offers fast and efficient roof installations. We are the leading installer of FORTIFIED™ Roofs in the Brunswick County area.

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